To my woman, friend and wife…

No one else could understand and know me like you do.

No one else could be my love- no one else but you.

No one else could comfort me with just a look or touch,

Or make me laugh and help me to enjoy life half as much…

No one else could be for me the special perfect blend

Of a wife who’s strong, but also the most gentle, caring friend.

There are so many times when I want to tell you, that I love you,

Times when you and I are all alone and we share a special moment,

Or when I look at you and realise how much happiness you’ve brought me,

Times when I’m so proud you’re mine and so very grateful for your love..

There are times when I want to hold you close, no matter where we are

Or what we’re doing, and tell you again and again how much I love you..

Your birthday is another one of those times…

I Love You