Broadcast Your Message Everywhere, Instantly

Broadcast Your Message Everywhere, Instantly

Traffic Geyser is an easy-to-use marketing tool that distributes your messages to over 70 locations in minutes, saving you hours, days, even weeks of time!

Videos, podcasts, social bookmark articles, blog posts – anything, anywhere, amazingly fast!

Top marketers including Tony Robbins, Jorge Cruise, Chet Holmes, Frank Kern, Brad Fallon, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Johnson, Joel Comm, Arielle Ford, Gay Hendricks and thousands more use Traffic Geyser to get top search engine rankings.

Traffic Geyser gives you:

* Instant submission to video sites, social bookmarking, podcast directories and blogs
* An automatic podcast generator
* An easy slideshow creator that makes videos for you!
* Video “lead page” maker that builds video web sites for you in less than five minutes!
* We host your content – no hosting or extra expenses!

What Others Are Saying

“Forget paid advertising, Traffic Geyser leverages the most popular Web 2.0 resources to get your message out to the connected planet, giving you almost instant search engine ranking and traffic.”

“An online marketer’s wet dream. Almost too good to be true.”

“When I saw the power of Traffic Geyser, I quit my job and started a video marketing business the next day.”

“Save yourself weeks optimizing your site. Traffic Geyser broadcasts your message, whether it be audio, video or PDF content to almost a hundred video sites, podcast directories, social bookmarking sites and blogs with the click of button and in less than five minutes.”

“Nobody can deny the power of using video to get the highest quality traffic to a web site.”

“Small business owners rejoice! Traffic Geyser is the Swiss Army Knife of marketing tools that gets immediate results. Fast, cheap and easy to use.”

“Unbelievable. Traffic Geyser will make a video, broadcast it everywhere in minutes, build a lead-generation web page, host it and drive high-quality traffic to any web site in minutes.”

“Internet video marketing made easy.”

“Guys, I don’t want anyone else to know about this tool. Please stop selling it!”

“I just decreased my Google AdWords spending by 50% (that’s $2,250 a month) today. Thanks Traffic Geyser!”

“This is the perfect way to get leads even if you don’t have a web site! Using Traffic Geyser’s new lead page generator, I made a video lead page in less than five minutes. I’ve never had a web site before and I didn’t even have to pay for a hosting account!”

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