HEXAGONAL ® Bio-Resonance Water™

HEXAGONAL’S water ® is water with 6 molecule series, which is one smallest molecule series and stable and has strongest cords, since balance positive and negative ion. This water have ability to “deliver nutrition”, oxygen and good to “dispose poison”. Until now there is no other company that can prove water is hexagonal.

What Is The Benefit of HEXAGONAL ® Bio-Resonance Water?

Have a source from natural spring water, processed with hygienics with SNI’s filter standard and BPOM RI Utilizing technology of Japan that utilizes trace element nature that emit FIR’S light (Far Infrared Rays) that have vibration (resonance) one that functioning breaks down water molecule series become smaller (hanging up hydrogen bond), so permeated easier utilised body cell cell takes in nutrisi and input oxygen in cell and takes in metabolite rest issue burn out of body cell. Trace element that most water-soluble Fe 2Fe 3Cl 5 and 73 mineral micro types another, one that constitute indispensable nature Mineral to complete body requirement and has no on food and drink that our consumption everyday. Processed by use of nature crystal that emit functioning energy increase spin energy on electron ( negative ion) so the water can have energy to push so that can reach to the body cell more further.

The Superiority of HEXAGONAL Bio Resonance Water is processed with “Mesin Bio-Resonansi Air Minum Kemasan” contain 73 mineral micro types, emitting FIR’S electromagnetic wave( Far Infra Red rays), resulting energies extra water and oxygen with Hexagonal’s molecule series (H2O)6 identic with liquid molecule in human body cell.

How processes HEXAGONAL Bio Resonance Water in you body?

1. Increasing body fluid quality.
2. Giving energy on cell
3. Protecting cell nucleus
4. Neutralize and discards toxin
5. Increasing nutrient absorbing power oxygen content
6. Increasing cell ability to fix itself.

The difference between Molecule Hexagonal Bio Resonance Water with regular water molecule?

[Hexagonal water molekul]

a. Water molecule bunch that big and difficult irregular to penetrate cell wall.

b. Meanwhile little molecule bunch will loosely enter body cell wall.

c. Hexagonal Bio Resonance Water is easy to be absorbed by body, taking in toxicant rest outs of body cell wall, so better body cell.