Michael Jackson Facebook Page Surges On News of Death, Turns Into Memorial

Michael Jackson’s Facebook Page experienced a surge in fans after news of his death spread around the web. Currently the page appears to be attracting around 20 fans a second with a good chance that the page will become one of the top Pages is a short amount of time. The page wall has turned into a virtual memorial for the pop legend who’s life impacted much of the world and who’s music transformed an industry. While he may be a controversial figure, one thing is certain: until today he was the world’s largest pop icon. Not surprising considering that he defined pop.

The world will move on but it there’s no doubt his Facebook Page will become one of the top Facebook Pages after news of his death revives peoples’ memories of the idol. My entire Facebook news feed has become a stream of messages about Jackson’s death and filled with peoples’ memories of the legend. It’s impressive to watch the amount of conversation currently taking place around the web all about Michael Jackson.

For those that use blip.fm, the site is filled with songs from Michael Jackson. All around the web there is Michael Jackson memorials sprouting up which is an interesting thing to watch and with the web becoming increasingly social, it’s mostly conversations about people’s memories of the man. It seems like people have practically ended business for the day to memorialize him and are blaring their favorite Michael Jackson songs.

If you are a fan of Michael Jackson and wish to memorialize him, go become his fan on Facebook.