Wubi – Linux installation program for MS Windows

The Bottom Line
Wubi is a safe and convenient way for users of the Microsoft Windows operating system to try out Linux. This allows anybody with basic computer skills to explore the benefits of the free operating system Linux.
Installation as simple as any other Windows application installation
Does not require changes of hard disk partitions
Free download, no licensing issues
Downloading can take several hours
By default Wubi does not download the latest version of Linux
File system is implemented as single file compromising performance
Wubi is an installation program that can be run by MS Windows users like any other installation program.
It is an “executable” that can be downloaded and executed by double clicking on it.
The installation program downloads the Linux distribution Ubuntu 7.04 and installs it as a second boot option.
Instead of creating new partitions, Wubi uses a method whereby the Linux files system is stored as a single Windows file.
After the first phase of the installation is completed, the user restarts and selects “Ubuntu” from the boot menu.
The system will then complete the installation. The user answers a few questions needed to set up the initial account.
The user chooses between the original Windows operating system and the Ubuntu Linux system when the computer starts up.
Except for the file system, the Linux system is a real Linux installation, not an emulation.
With Ubuntu the user has all the benefits of the free operating system Linux.
Access to thousands of free, safe, and high quality software packages for pretty much anything you can think of.
Guide Review – Wubi – Linux installation program for MS Windows
Wubi is probably the easiest way for Windows users to try out Linux. With this method the process of installing a Linux system as a dual-boot setup is just like installing any Windows application, namely running an executable.
Unfortunately, downloading the Linux installation file is rather slow and can take several hours. However, completing the installation process is very simple. Just follow the few instructions on the screen. You can choose one of several other versions besides the basic Ubuntu flavor, such as Kubuntu, or Edubuntu. Kubuntu is probably the version Windows users would be most comfortable with.

The Wubi installation will give you a real Linux system, not an emulation. However, the Linux file system is implemented as one large file instead of separate partitions. That is why it may run somewhat slower than a regular installation, especially if your hard disk is severely fragmented. But it also avoids the hassles and risks associated with changing your hard disk partitions.

Step-by-step instructions:

Using a web browser, go to wubi-installer.org
Click on the “Download (Beta)” button and download the latest Wubi…exe program to a convenient folder
Double click on the file Wubi…exe to run the installer
When prompted, enter a username and password and optionally a few other settings
When prompted, reboot your computer and wait for Ubuntu to finish installing
Run Linux by rebooting and choosing Ubuntu (use arrow keys to select)
Run MS Windows by rebooting and choosing Windows (use arrow keys to select)
You can un-install Ubuntu Linux just like any other Windows application:
Boot into MS Windows
Open the control panel
Select “Add or Remove Programs”
Select Wubi and uninstall it
Alternatively, you can use the un-installer C:wubiuninstaller.exe